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North East based interior and architectural photographer
  • Creative photography for commercial use by various business sectors including:

  • Architectural designers

  • hotels, restaurants.

  • Airbnb

  • Interior designers.

  • Construction companies.

  • Estate agents.

  • commercial property agents.

  • Digital media companies.

  • Restaurants, bars and coffee shops

  • Drone aerial footage

  • 360 virtual tours

Interior Design


Functionality You Will Love


Interior photography

I provide interior photography on location for a range of clients in Newcastle upon Tyne and throughout the UK. Some examples of my interior photographs are shown here.

My interior photography of properties includes residential, retail, hotels, commercial buildings and public buildings. Photography is captured on high resolution cameras ensuring high quality results for our clients marketing and portfolio needs. Interior photography services can also be commissioned along with our other services.

Interiors are photographed using a combination of lighting techniques. I change these techniques to suit the environment and the mood of the interior space. For example if there is feature lighting we may plan some photography at dusk and mix some flash into the exposure. I usually shoot interior photography using a mixture of natural light and feature lighting in a space and combine this with our soft fill lights. Rooms which have LED lighting, special effect lighting or a mixture of colour settings can be photographed to retain these features and feel of the lighting designs 


Drone and Aerial footage

Drones are easily one of the most impressive ways to market your property. Traditional ground level photos are always key to marking your property, but drones allow you to see a property from different angles that you wouldn’t otherwise see.


360° Virtual Tours

I can create high quality 360° photography and 360° virtual tours for a range of businesses involved with hotels, leisure, tourism, property, and construction. Our 360 degree photography and virtual tours can be used online in websites and social media to display interior and exterior spaces. Virtual tours give the user control to explore property and spaces in 360 degrees and interact with elements in the tour if required.


Video Production Services

I provide video production services alongside our photography throughout the UK. Our services have developed recently allowing us to provide a range of video services from time-lapse to interior reels and walk-throughs.

Minimalist Staircase
Clients I have worked with
TT electronics

Cosy living space

English Business award
ECO Trac

I can bring your space to life through professional photography. I pride myself on creating beautiful images that will captivate my clients and their patrons.

At Vist Lumiere, I specialize in interior photography that captures the true essence of a space. I strive to create stunning visuals that showcase the unique characteristics of each room, while also highlighting its functionality. I take great care to ensure that our clients are completely satisfied with the end result, and we work closely with them to ensure that their vision is brought to life.

Whether you’re promoting your architectural services, advertising your hotel, selling your property or showing off your latest interior designs, I can help you capture the fine details and overall vision of your project.


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Graham Hunt photography

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Newcastle cityscapes

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